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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

$50 for an extra 3hrs in your day, free of all responsibilities and duties

I received an email this week, with the subject heading :

Nationwide: We're Offering You 3 Extra Hours in Your Day. Now You Can Buy Time! 3 Hours of Personal Concierge Services for only $50.

 My initial thoughts?

Woohoo and Giddyup!

My more in-depth and carefully considered thoughts?

Wonder if $50 gets me crappy-nappy changing, or just wet nappy changing?  Would it even get me any nappy-free time at all?  What's the point if I can't get away from the kids to actually enjoy my 3 additional hours?

Could I purchase 8 at once, to allow me a whole 24hrs of me-time?

At this point I'd like to make a quick and seamless segue to give a quick shout out to Kat from Deals for Mum.  They are fairly new, and their deals are aimed guessed it - Mum's.  I'm a big fan of all the daily deals sites, and having one aimed at Mum's completely got my attention.  They are rapidly expanding their national network, and aim to provide one out of every 2-3 deals Nationwide (in addition to their regular Sydney deals), so Mum's in every city can take advantage of great deals on anything from online stores, products, subscriptions to educational websites, and much more.

They are also giving away a much coveted iPad2 via their Facebook page sweepstakes.  So, if any of you enter after reading this, I totally expect you to share it with me if you win.  Think of it as a joint custody arrangement, ok?

And back to the matter at hand...

This deal got me wondering about what I'd do with that extra 3hrs.

Would I clean? Pfft...not likely.

Would I read a book?  As much as I'd like to be that cultured type, it's not likely.  Magazine, maybe.

Would I go shopping?  Possibly.  If I had the energy, could be bothered, had the $$$.

What I would most likely do is sleep and/or drink.  I could drink myself into a sleeping state, to ensure I maximised my 3hrs with two of my favourite past times.

While I'm luxuriating in 3hrs of solo-bliss, what would my  poor sucker of a  Concierge be doing?

  • Negotiating peace between the warring twins
  • Picking up miniature random objects that may or may not have once been food stuffs
  • Picking up toys and clothing and nappies ripped off to enable nudie runs (the twins, not mine)
  •  In fact, just get accustomed to being at ground level, because there is always something to pick up / wipe up / clean up / cover up
  • Continual creation of Mojito's.  Not a batch or a jug.  Made fresh.  Every glass.  Because I can.
  • Cooking a mega impressive healthy feast for the twins - that they will BOTH eat
  • Cooking a mega impressive healthy feast for Miss5 - that she approves of and deigns to eat
  • Cooking a mega impressive healthy feast for #1 Hubby and yours truly - that we will BOTH eat
  • Cleaning up after preparing said 3+ feasts
  • Laundry.  That goes without saying.  Knowing I've got a Concierge booked, I will probably try and eke out the clothing so that every single item is worn, and I don't have to wash for 1-2 weeks prior to the Concierge's arrival.  I will provide a gas mask  and rubber gloves for protection from toxic fumes and substances.
  • Worm the kids. And the cat. And may as well chuck in #1 Hubby too, for good measure.
  • Dust.  Because I never do it.
  • Take the kids to the park / zoo / Underwater World / child performer's concert / circus / whatever other suitably educational or cultural or stimulating activity I normally try and avoid due to my inherent laziness and crap parenting ethos.
  • Oh, and I'd ensure my Concierge was booked for a day filled with after school activities for Miss5, and various appointments for the twins.  All requiring extensive parental taxi duties.  So there will be all of that too.

Phew...I may need to get an extra session with the Concierge, just to plan my list of duties for the other Concierge.  While preparing Mojito's.

What would you do with a 3hr Concierge to take over the running of your life and household?

3hrs to burn. What are you going to do?

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