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Friday, June 3, 2011

Hannah Montana Forever : DVD Review and Giveaway

Sweet Niblets!  There were tears at Parental Parody Palace today.  Shed by me, and then a few by Miss5 since she thought she should join in, bless her.

Today, I watched the last ever Hannah Montana episode.  So, as a result, I write this with a heavy heart.

I will own it - I am a mega Hannah Montana fan.  It's not the music that gets me in.  It's the one-liners, the easy laughs, the new and improved Billy Ray Cyrus.  Seriously, the man has better hair than I do.  Complete with awesome highlights and layering.

Thanks to the Disney Channel and Porter Novelli, I received a copy of Hannah Montana Forever on DVD.  The final season - the big finale - the big goodbye, adieu, adios, sayonara, peace out.

This will be cherished in our household, and is being kept with the parental DVD's, not in with the smudgy fingerprint stained kids' DVD's.  Something Miss5 keeps trying to rectify, so I've had to keep hiding it when she's not looking.

 Here's a little sneak peak of what you can expect from the final season :

And here's a few of my favourite bits and pieces :

Watch out for some impressive special guest appearances, including the 1/2 from 2 1/2 Men (Jake); Sheryl Crow belting out a duet with Hannah; and Ray Liotta as the slightly crazy school Principal.

For those hard core Billy/Robbie Ray fans, your heart will go all achy thanks to a killer flashback of Robbie Ray sporting that infamous mullet, and a flashing cowboy shirt. At the same time. Mullet.  Flashing cowboy shirt.  Same.  Time.  Giddyup!

Jackson scores himself a hot b-b-b-b-b-b-bikini model girlfriend. Who actually loves his erm...quirkiness.  No really, it's true.

Lily as her alter ego Lola, with a killer line while trying to hurry Hannah along for an A List party : "I want to get there before Lady Gaga turns the dessert table into a hat".  Amen to that sister!

A classic Robbie Ray one liner while discussing his love life with Jackson : "See, your old man's still got a little giddyup in his get-along", complete with southern twang.  The man has a way with words.

Jackson pretending to be Rico's Dad, channelling a "flamboyant" European Colonel Sanders.  Awesome.  Should be made into it's own Broadway musical.

It seems fitting that the underlying issue of the final series is whether or not Miley Stewart should come clean and out herself as Hannah Montana.  There's a bit of heart break, a bit of loving, a lot of laughs, and some horse play (literal) along the way.  All spoken with much rhymey southern drawl.  I loves me some southern drawl!

My only disappointment?  The lack of use of the classic Hannah Montana line "Sweet niblets!".  I was really looking forward to it, but Hannah rarely said it, and Robbie Ray has a new line now : "Sweet Pete".  Not cool, Robbie Ray, not cool.  Bring back the niblets!

And on to the good part - the giveaway!

How to win your copy of Hannah Montana Forever :
    1.  Follow this blog via Networked Blogs or Google Friend Connect
    2.  Follow on Twitter or Facebook
    3.  Comment below with which super star you'd like to claim as your own secret alter ego
Mine would be Super Nanny Jo Frost.  That woman can control even the most wild and feral of children without raising her voice.

The fine print - Terms & Conditions :
    Entry is open to Australian residents only.
    Winner will be drawn by
    Entries close midnight (WST) Friday 10th June
    Winner will be posted Saturday 11th June

Even if you're not lucky enough to win, fear not - 
Hannah Montana Forever on DVD and Blu Ray will be available in all good Hannah-loving stores from June more time now......sweet niblets!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary review copy of the DVD courtesy of Disney Channel via Digital Parents Australia. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.


  1. Follow via GFC
    Follow on twitter @hootylishous:disqus 
    i would love to claim Drew Barrymore as my celeb alter ego id never change back

  2.  Following on both already :o)
    Alter ego would have to be Julie from Master Chef. She makes such amazing meals that are great for families. I wish I could cook like that, so do my kids im sure lol

  3. Pink.  No more mild manneredness and procrastination - it's brash, sexy, confidence all the way!!

  4. Following here and Twitter bala50 :) I would love to be Nanny Fran Fine. She is Fine and so is Mr Sheffield hmm hmm hmm :) lol

  5. have to be Nathan from nova-the man is seriously funny as well as unashamedly gay and extremely tall-just love him:-)

  6. Julia Morris, comedienne extrordinaire!  I love her so much!  she is hilariously funny and has a wisecrack for every situation.

  7. grisham from csi, because he is intelligent, sexy and unapproacable.

  8. gfc follower sweetmaple454730

  9. i follow parental prody on twitter sweetmaple123

  10. i would like mariah carey to be my ego

  11. I'd like to be Italian model/actress Elisabetta Canalis .  Don't know her?  Well shes George Clooneys girlfriend! Enough said!

  12. Following via 
    *Networked Blog(Sarah Shelley), 
    *Google Friend Connect(Sarah Shelley), 
    *facebook(Sarah Shelley) and 
    *Twitter( @sargef:twitter  ) and have shared via 
    *facebook and 
    *tweeted on twitter.I think sometimes we are attracted to people including celebrities because we admire them and in a way would like to be like them. In saying that i would normally choose a woman with such a question but i think i will choose a man because i am sooooooo attracted to 'Ian Somerhalder' from 'The Vampire Diaries' and would like to be him in an alter ego as he is amazingly gorgeous, sexy as hell, confident, energetic, funny, a social butterfly and has more than life could ever offer. Pretty perfect in my eyes and i think i would be pretty comfortable with myself if i possessed all that.

  13. I would be pink.. She is the most amazing Down to earth person.. I know I could do it!

  14. I'm usually quite shy and quiet. My alter ego is the total opposite. It's Pink!

  15. Jennifer Garner. Gorgeous, talented and a great mother and it all seems to be effortless. LOVE HER!

  16. Katherine Hepburn. I am sure that there would be no better feeling than being comfortable with who you are.

  17. Due to my age and liking for toyboys I'll opt for Charlotte Rampling....

  18. Julia Roberts.  I just love her big smile

  19. Jen Hawkins, it's just not fair to have a butt and a boyfriend so perfect!! 

  20. Followed via FB (Tracy Harris)
    My secret alter ego - Charlie Sheen. I'd love to try it for a day and let it all hang out - literally and figuratively!

  21. I follow your blog with GFC.

  22. Im a Facebook Liker #173 I think it was.

  23. Kylie Minogue would be my alter ego.

  24. google friend. facebook. Elvis, so I could eat all I wanted too in some dive in Texas, where he is because heis so not dead

  25. Following on here, facebook and twitter.

    Mine would have to be Steve Carell or Will Ferrell. I have a hard time being serious a lot of the time and LOVE to laugh and make jokes about any and every subject.

  26. Following on here, facebook and twitter (kibby72)
    Bruno because i reckon i would look great in a Mankini ;0)


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