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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gnomeo & Juliet : DVD Review and Giveaway

I was flicking through the TV channels for something appropriate for both the 2yr old twin tornado, and Miss5-going-on-25.

The Twin Tornado aren’t really fussed by TV.  Which would please most parents no end, except I’m a crap parent and I rely on TV to do  most  some of my  child rearing  babysitting  entertaining.

Miss5 is a TV afficionado.  I see her future life involving a career as a TV critic.  It’s that or a mullet critic, based on her other great love – fashioning her own hair into tragic DIY mullet's.

Anything Miss5 wants to watch involves midriff baring, makeup toting tween cartoon figures.  Not really appropriate when I’m already losing the battle to convince her she is 5 and not 25.  Not really appropriate when the #1 Grandparents take her to the $2 shop to buy lip gloss every time they come to visit.  Which is weekly.  And she then spends the next 24hrs consuming her $2 shop lip gloss.  Yes, consuming.

So, instead, I keep channel surfing.  Miss5 nearly wets herself when she sees Dancing With The Stars, and all 3 kids start chanting “Manu Daddy” (for lurvely French chef Manu Feildel).  Can't work out where they got that idea from *cough*.

Some arguing ensues, as Miss5 and I debate the merits of Ben 10 blowing up aliens, versus some Nickelodeon teenage drama, versus reruns of The Price is Right.

In the end, we settle for no TV.  Miss5 is totally mortified that I switched the TV off, because – and I quote – “there’s nothing to dooooooo….I’m so borrrrrrrrred”.

Excuse me as I trip over the squillions of toys in my rush to console you….

By way of distraction, I send her to get the mail.  She loves riding her bike the entire 10 metres down the driveway.  I consider it her exercise for the day, as she wobbles along, kneeing herself in the face with every turn of the wheel.  Note to self that we really should get her a new bike, as she has most definitely outgrown the one she’s had since she was 2, as evidenced by the facial bruising she gets from her knees smacking her in the face every time she rides it.

Lo and behold – salvation has arrived, on the back of the postman’s motorbike!

The lovely  life saving  sanity saving  people at Porter Novelli generously sent me a copy of Gnomeo and Juliet on DVD and Blu Ray.  I think they either sensed my fragile state, or rather, anticipated it in advance, on account of my vocal trepidation and whininess at the onset of school holidays.  Either way, I love them very much. 

Emily, I bequeath you my entire liquor cabinet when my time comes.  That's an impressive collection, even if it is only multiple bottles with just a few drops in the bottom of each – it will at least make a few interesting cocktails, if nothing else.

By now, most of you have seen the movie, and read various reviews.

So I’m going to break it down for you, frazzled and rushed, Parental Parody style :

  • Gnomeo’s crew live next door to Juliet’s.
  • The blue’s and the red’s never mix.  Ever.  It’s a long standing feud type of thing (like my ongoing struggle with my Mummy Tummy)
  • Gnomeo and Juliet meet by chance
  • Cue ensuing angst and much sneaking around whence they realise where each other belongs.
  • Love blossoms, in amongst lawnmower sabotage and drag races.
  • There is much outrage, some threats, and eventually people start to come around.
  • Touchy, feely happy ending.  I did cry.  Quite a lot.  Miss5 was disgusted.
  • Nanette the frog is hilariously awesome.  The kids loved her, and now spend their bathtime spitting water at each other, a-la-Nanette.

I heart Nanette

All three kids loved it.  So mesmerised were they, that I could sit and tool around on Facebook and Twitter, and Google Wentworth Miller’s much debated personal leanings (if he is in fact gay, it’s only because he thinks he's missed his chance with me).

The second week of school holidays will feature daily re-runs.  Thank the Vodka gods for DVD and Blu Ray quality affording me repeated screenings in my own personal home theatre – AKA the living room.

Most importantly :

My three kids are oh so cultured – they’re tot’s into Shakespeare dahlings!

Thanks to Porter Novelli, I have a copy of Gnomeo and Juliet on DVD and Blu Ray to give away.

To score yourself a copy :

Follow this blog
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Comment below with your ideal Gnomeo or Juliet
-Mine is a hybrid mix of Wentworth Miller, Manu Feildel, The Rock and Vin Diesel.  I know, I'm not asking for much, right?

Entries close midnight (WST) Sunday 24 July

Terms & Conditions :
Entry is open to Australian residents only
Maximum one (1) extra entry for Twitter share
Maximum one (1) extra entry for Facebook share
Entries close midnight (WST) Sunday 24 July
Winner drawn by
Winner posted on the blog Monday 25 July
Winner must respond within seven (7) days or the prize will be re-drawn


  1. I follow your blog and Im a Facebook and Twitter follwer too. My ideal Gnomeo would be a mix too of Jensen Ackles (from Supernatural for his looks), Curtis Stone (for his cooking abilities) and my hubby (coz I love him too bits awwww)

  2. Shared on Twitter:!/Candy3181/status/92215467158155264

  3. Mine would have to be a cross between Josh Dumahl (Transformers, Las Vegas), Elcide the hunky werewolf from True BLood and Kelly Jones, lead singer of Stereophonics.

  4. I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 and on Twitter as NTFancy :)  My ideal Gnomeo would be a mix of Johnny Depp (for the looks), Mr Darcy (for the romance), Jamie Oliver (for the tasties), Gatesy from Tripod (for the sense of humour) and Kim from "How Clean is Your House?" (for the cleaning expertise!). :)

  5. I tweeted about it here:

    kate1485 at


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