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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#1 Hubby's blogging debut : Chux Biodegradable cleaning products

Last week I received a delivery of these :

#1 Hubby laughed hysterically, because he finds it soooo amusing that anybody would send me cleaning products to road test.

I admit, gardening products or anything to do with ironing would be wasted on me, but the rest of the household cleaning is, regretfully, my forte.

After shooting him a filthy death stare, I decided to call his bluff.

And so I promptly sent him off, Chux Superwipes and cloths (100% biodegradable...which is a plus, since Miss2 is prone to eating pretty much everything in the house that isn't nailed down), and non-scratch scourer in hand for a full and thorough testing.  While I kicked back to do absolutely nothing but watch, and also helpfully point out where he missed a spot.

And while I relive that glory, I hand it over to #1 Hubby to provide the male perspective on the new Chux Biodegradable range :

Chux Superwipes
So the twins helped me out with some jam smeared on the cupboard, which I saw the wife ignoring them spread around once she knew I’d be the one cleaning it up.  I hate jam.  This was not a fun job for me.  The kids started licking the cupboards after I finished wiping the jam off, but since this stuff is environmentally friendly, I figured that was okay.

#1 Hubby official opinion : A cloth is a cloth.  This one works like I would expect a cloth to work.  The biodegradable thing is cool.  So I like it.  Thumbs up.

Chux Absorbent Cloths
My unco-ordinated wife regularly spills stuff.  This cloth got a big workout.  It sucked up an entire grande sized flat white that she spilt while coaching my cleaning efforts from the table.  My only criticism is that I had to watch the kids while she went out and bought another coffee to replace the one she spilt.  Why should I have to watch the kids while I’m also cleaning the house, and doing the product review?

#1 Hubby official opinion : Feels nice for a cloth. Sucks up liquid pretty quick.  Even coffee.  Which is good because it means I didn't have to walk back to the kitchen to wring it out. Saves time.

Chux Non-Scratch Scourer Sponges
I’m not the cook in this house, so I’m not complaining about meals, because I like being fed.  My wife just gets side-tracked by the computer all the time, and so she burns the bottom of a lot of our pots and pans.

Note : I did not say the food was bad.  She is a great cook.  So please don’t withhold meals because of my criticism.

She helpfully gave me every single pot with a baked on stain.  I hate doing dishes.  I hate scrubbing things.  I was not looking forward to this trial.  And, I’ve gotta say that, while this thing didn’t look like it would make a dent in the old stains, it worked better than I thought it would. Months of burnt-on and baked-in food caused by blogger neglect came off pretty easily.

#1 Hubby official opinion : My wife is addicted to buying pans. Especially ones with Jamie Oliver on them. Her excuse is that she always scratches the ones we have, and that ruins the non-stick coating. This scourer didn’t scratch a single pot or pan. Triple thumbs up from me, because it means I don’t have to cart new cheap frypans back from Bali in my suitcase anymore.


This is the bit where I would normally add a bio about the guest post author.  So, here it is....

#1 Hubby is the  long suffering  much adoring husband of yours truly, who goes by the name Chris when not being referred to as  yo homey!  by me.

He is a Taurus who enjoys long walks in the park  which he cuts through on the way to the pub.

When not doing macho blokey stuff like watching sport on TV, he enjoys playing dress up and practising faux karate.

Oh yes I did.

#1 Hubby is so up his own backside over this review, that he would like me to advise the interverse that he is available for other product and service reviews.  His preference is alcoholic beverages, sporting events, gambling, food and holidays.

He forgot to say Nanny services.  He's also really into reviewing Nanny services *ahem*.


  1. omg that is freakin funny! A cloth is a cloth! Can #1 Hubby come and scrub last night's pans for me? as my #1dishwasher is away.

  2. I AM DYING. Best review EVER! xxx

  3. Hilarious! Love it George (again).

  4. ROFL! Thanks for sharing a peek at #1 hubby at his "ahem" finest! Great review :)

  5. PMSL! And so nice to see Chris making his debut... he looks sexy in satin!

    P.S. Whenever I go to type Chris I always type Christ... you might not want to tell him that though.

  6. Seriously, #1 Hubby should get his own late night advertorial show. "A cloth is a cloth" had me giggling. Brilliant!! Love the satin too. :)

  7. Thank you - on his behalf - I told him that, since he's so not used to operating a cloth, it may have dazzled him just that little bit more than it would have me - the regular cloth operator in the house.

  8. He said he could try and dig it out of the closet for Map Guy, if you like! 

  9. Put that on my resume.  Really, I did.  Mrs Woog said this....

  10. Absolutely.  What a great idea - he could be like one of those people who do demonstrations in shopping centres...only in a door-to-door capacity!

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