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Monday, January 23, 2012

Digital Parents Conference 2012 : Cleaning up, so to speak

The Digital Parents Conference 2012 is fast approaching and I'm getting more excited than the time I waited in line at the club that asked to check my ID when I was 24 (the first time, not the consecutive years).

I'll be putting faces to blogs and I won't have to change a single nappy or referee a toy hostage situation while I'm there.  Also, I told #1 Hubby it goes for 5 days, and therefore I'll be found sipping Flat White's and/or cocktails when I'm not shopping or sleeping for the other 4 days.

I'm also speaking at the Conference.

Digital Parents

Approximately one hour before my turn to speak, you'll find me at the bar, downing vodka like nobody's business (Russian courage).  Come say “heyyyyy…wassup”.

Note to attendees : I'll pay in wine for anyone prepared to cheer, clap, offer a fist bump as I walk to/from the podium (no High 5 action please, I’m far too unco-ordinated for that), wolf whistle or laugh (faux or genuine, I’m not picky) at the appropriate times.

I'm currently working on finding something to talk about that is super witty and disarmingly charming, without swearing or referring to my offspring as the Feral Threesome while reverting to my inner 14yr old skater dude voice.


I have now officially finished my quest for sponsorship (for this event...totally up for BlogHer now that I've conquered the art of persuading #1 Hubby to solo-wrangle the Feral Threesome).

In order to show some sponsor loving, I must insist that you do the following:

Forever eat Kellogg's cereals while reading this blog, as you may be aware they are a sponsor of awesome.
Also, I'm all “woohoo!” to advise that they are joined by Chux, my other sponsor of awesome.  As such, you are requested to perform all household duties with Chux products.

All. Household. Duties.

And yes, I include spouses as duties….am I right?!

What's in it for you?

Over the next few months I'll be giving you the inside word on some awesome Chux products and specials, plus a few fantastic giveaways.

If you're like me, and forcefully whine encourage your Husband to do most his share of the cleaning, then you'll have the opportunity to win him some fantastic products.  Which you're allowed to hide until his birthday.  Make sure he says thank you.

Go Like the Chux Facebook page and take their New Year New You poll.  Tell them I sent you, so that they know their sponsorship dollars have been invested wisely.

For my part, I'll be found approaching anyone who dares to make eye contact at my local supermarket, preaching the quality and value of Chux products.
Is it just me, or would that not make an awesome tattoo?

Air kisses, jazz hands, golf claps and a one-man Mexican wave all go out to my final sponsor of awesome, Chux, and also Impact Communications for making it happen.

For his part, #1 Hubby is a little bit more excited than he'd care to let on.  He’s all worked up over the Chux products he'll I'll be road testing.  And also that I'm not eating into the wine budget to fund my attendance at the conference.

Stay tuned for Chux giveaways, details of special offers, and info on how you too can passively and covertly convince your own #1 Hubby to partake in a spot of cleaning, without him even realising.  Seriously, I have made notes and formulated a plan.  You don't want to miss it.


  1. You'll be fab!
    If I manage to procure a child minder, I'll cheer and clap and laugh in the right spots :)

  2. Congrats on Chux PP! If you decided to write an 'e-book' on how you went about obtaining sponsorship I would totally buy it for my marketing manager HB for Blogher 13. 


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