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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Parental Parody Review : Yellowglen Spritz got me all Chilled

That's right, despite it being school holidays, I managed to chill.

Following yesterday's post, I just know that you were all left on the edge of your seats, desperate for #1Nana and I to write up our reviews on my School Holidays Salvation package of awesome.

Firstly, a little bit about us, your reviewers:

Parental Parody is a Scorpio who loves silence and sleeping, neither of which fit cohesively with being Mum to the feral threesome.  Pity.  I spent years honing my taste for fine wines by pilfering from my parents' collection.  When not able to discretely steal their good stuff, I suck back whatever I can get my hands on.  In a dignified and ladylike manner.  Unless you saw the pic of the Moet bottle, in which case you'll know that is a bare faced lie, and I'm more likely to be sucking it back in the literal sense.

#1Nana is a little bit older and wiser than yours truly.  I'd totally tell you her age, except I need her on my good side for babysitting, husband bashing intimidation and persuasion, and holiday enabling.  Suffice to say, she has been around as long as most vintage's, and having once owned a restaurant, spent many valuable years testing, tasting, and consuming wine for professional purposes.  That's her line, at least.

On to the good stuff!

With thanks to Liquid Ideas (who, following receipt of my School Holidays Survival package of awesome, I immediately gifted all working bodily organs to), today's review is all about bubbles.

Yellowglen Spritz

Now that's my kind of twins.  Come to Mama!

Like a bubbly, fizzy, party in your mouth for the low price of $14.95 RRP.

What's not to like about a bottle of bubbly that costs less than the home delivery pizza I had to resort to for dinner, after polishing off said bubbly?

If you buy your Yellowglen Spritz from participating Liquorland and 1st Choice Liquor stores you may even win a car.  Click here for details.

I love that there is finally a bubbly on the market intended to be served over ice.  In your face #1Hubby, who is horrified by the fact that I drink all wine over ice.  Even red.  Partly to give him the shits, partly because I do like my wine chilled.  Partly because I claim the melting ice as my water between drinks content.

The verdict
It's a little sweeter than your average garden variety bubbles.  Which suits me no end, as I am more sweet than dry (in every possible way, ahem).

#1Nana on Yellowglen Spritz :

"Ooh it is nice with ice.  Can I have a bigger glass?  Just use that enormous coffee mug so I've got a handle."

The #1Nana equivalent of 2 thumbs up.

Yellowglen Spritz Chilled Blush is divine, with berry and cherry flavours, it was my favourite.

For those of you not entirely into the sweeter bubbles, Yellowglen Spritz Chilled White is a bit more zesty and crisp.

For those of you who don't discriminate...get both!

Check out their  Facebook page for gratuitous images of Larry Emdur's bestest TV host smile, while handling a couple of Yellowglen Spritz's.

And for anyone who want to know more, head to the Yellowglen website.  Tell them I sent you, so they know this was a fruitful exercise, and will consider me for future deliveries of awesome promotions.

Stay tuned for Monday's review of the Taylor's range of wines.  This is where #1Nana really comes into her own, and there is some serious family in-fighting over who gets the last glass.


  1. Ooh! These look yummy :) Perfect summer evening bubbles!

  2. Thank you.
    Two fo my favourites - bubbles and laughs. Both chilled.

  3. So with you on the ice. Any drink over ice = instant glam. I even keep my red wine in the fridge. Yellow glen looks good.


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