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Monday, June 4, 2012

Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali : Review

As I sit at home writing this review it is cold, very cold.  It's also overcast and we're expecting rain any minute now.  Obviously this means The Feral Threesome have reached maximum feralocity, like caged animals, because we are stuck indoors.

In stark contrast, this is what I'm thinking about:

Just a hint of cloud cover, maximum sunshine, and fantastically warm.  So warm that cocktails are mandatory - for fluid replenishment.

Snap back to reality, and as The Feral Threesome attempt to enact Natural Selection upon each other, this is what I'm fondly remembering:

Best. Kids. Club. Ever.

But when is a Kids Club not totally awesome?

And while I fobbed The Feral Threesome off onto someone else to entertain and enrich, I put my time to good use by getting outdoors in the sunshine and soaking up some culture and sampling local produce:

Again, back to reality - and as I sit here now contemplating what to cook for dinner, again (I swear I just did this yesterday? And the day before that. And the day before that), my mouth is watering from memories of this:

Breakfast in bed, room service style. Is there anything better?

Sand underfoot, ocean over yonder, BBQ seafood platter. Worth getting out of bed for.

All without having to chop, cook or clean up.

Insert blissful sigh.

Personal highlight - La Cascata restaurant. Start with the amazingly moreish olive tapenade, an entree of the sublime Pumpkin Soup (I even know the secret ingredient that makes it so much better than any other pumpkin soup...but I'm not telling), then the best rack of New Zealand lamb I've ever tasted, and finish off with the Tiramisu.

Almost enough to be guilted into entering the gym once my gluttonous euphoria wore off.  Almost.
This is as close as I actually got to the gym. Those No Entry warning stickers were for me. I swear.

Aussie Executive Chef, Matthew Wood, is clearly gastronomically gifted.  Normally I rely on Macca's hotel delivery for The Feral Threesome's dinner while in Bali, as I scramble to get ready for cocktail o'clock - but they happily ate...wait for it...GRILLED VEGETABLE SKEWERS! Every. single. night.  I was beside myself with smugness over the vege goodness they were consuming.

So naturally I celebrated with a couple of frozen cocktails.

It goes without saying that The Feral Threesome have refused the same veg ever since we got home. Typical...

In conclusion....

All inclusive value
#1Hubby was painfully skeptical about the whole all inclusive deal.  No matter how many times I reminded him that I used to be a travel agent, and I was well versed in the fine print and what was included - he was sure we'd be hit with a bill when we checked out.  A bill so extensive we would be forced to leave me behind to stay until we could afford to pay it off, heh.

Sadly, no bill, no extended holiday for me.

The staff are brilliant.  Seriously.  The Balinese are the nicest people on earth, and The Grand Mirage employs some of the best.  We were always greeted by name, and regularly asked if there was anything they could do to make our stay more relaxing and enjoyable.

The rooms are large and spacious.  The beds are heavenly and huge.  The towels are changed TWICE A DAY.

The beachfront location means all views are spectacular, and the grounds and gardens are lovely.

Don't even get me started on the food.  After a week we hadn't managed to eat our way through everything on the menus at the various dining options.  Obviously we must return to finish the job, right?

The cocktails are cold and plentiful.  In a word: Mojito.

The Feral Threesome are still asking when they're going back to the Kids Club.  The staff were brilliant with them.  The Kids Club is a great break for parents, and there's zero parental guilt about leaving them in there as the Club has activities scheduled throughout the day.

The verdict
I would swap my drab, winter's day at home for The Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali in a heartbeat.

Thank you Grand Mirage.

Best blogging review opportunity ever!

So where next?


  1. Oh I so love the sound/look of the place! A kids club...that would be heaven on earth (jealous :: Much!) sounds like such a great family holiday. Now when can I get my hubby to look at booking it!

  2. WOW! I Want two. How do I get me one of these so called holidays I have heard people talking about. Looks like a great place to be.   

  3. I hope you had one (dozen) for me. 

  4.  It was lovely. Just tell hubby about the Kids Club. Enough time for a nap, cocktails, and whatever else you can't do when the kids are around (ahem).

  5.  Yes a holiday is quite a foreign concept to many parents.  Do it, you won't regret it!

  6. And then some, since I hold you in such high esteem. I think we need to go and do a group review. In the interest of getting a diversified opinion. Or something official sounding like that.

  7. im going for my honeymoon and your blog just convinced me completley!!!!
    thankyou :)

  8. Oh you'll love it! Be sure to tell them it's your honeymoon, hopefully you'll score a room upgrade or some bubbly or something nice like that!

  9. wow!! sounds good i'm planning to book there for our 1st anniversary this august..

  10. Stayed at Grand Mirage twice before and going again in March. A great hotel. My daughter loved the kids club!!

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