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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas gift ideas for ME!

Triple Ho's, yo!

Today's final Christmas gift ideas guide is all about me.

Of all the craptastic wares that I've found while trawling the interwebs, these are the ones that most tickled my fancy.

Couples Bath

Yin Yang Couples Bath

Perfect for George Clooney and I.  Because I am the yin to his yang.  Or vice versa.  Whatever.

Totes romantic.

I can totally see myself forking out the value of my car for these twin bathtubs that are larger than my entire bathroom.

Wine Bra

WineRack Flask-Bra

I have previously blogged my desires for this bad boy.

Takes the term 'beer goggles' to a more literal level - the more wine you drink, the smaller your bust becomes.  But that's okay, because you've consumed an entire bottle of wine by the time you suck that baby dry, and so you'll be far too merry and enamoured with the world to give a shit about your bust.

This is genius.  Revolutionary.

Cheeseburger Wine

Cheeseburger Red Wine

Shut the front gate!

It is an entire meal in a bottle!

Dinner and drinks in one!

I am absolutely dead-set serious when I say that I must try this.

I wonder if Macca's is feeling threatened by this combination of burger and booze?  They should be.

Shitting Glitter

Gold Pills - as in, edible gold

Awesomeness incarnate.

Who wouldn't want to shit golden glittery flecks of actual bona fide certified gold?

If I had a spare $425 to blow I would absolutely try these.

Fancy inside and out.  Eventually.

PS - I've resisted the urge to include the InStyler hair brush, hair dryer, hair straightener in one.  I know it can't possibly be as good as it looks on the TV infomercials...but I am desperate for one, just in case it is.


  1. You should take the gold tablets, then fill the bra with the cheeseburger wine and after your drunk have a couples bath with George Clooney and then by the morning you will be shitting gold and wondering if your still drunk and hallucinating lol. Awesome night!

  2. I want the glitter tablets too. And after having one I'd like to have to re-sit my occult faecal blood test and give the lab techs a little treat.

  3. Hello Mummy! Those are wonderful gift ideas. I especially love the Yin Yang bathtub, wonder if I should gift one to Mr. and Mrs. Claus? mhmmm. The gold tablets is a big surprise to me though! That's so cool!

    Elfie, Leader of the Elves at Christmas World

  4. It's really nice to see a gift guide where you're actually properly talking about the things you've picked out! :D Like the idea of tickets, it shows you're actually paying attention to what they like

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