Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tampons, chic? Miss De Jour are

Katrina Allen is a bit of a genius, having created De Jour tampons, which launched in 1998.  The latest addition to the De Jour brand is the Miss De Jour range, in stores this month.

This is the only tampon company owned by a female.

Seriously.  The only tampon company owned by a female.

And you can tell - because there's no cutesy or insulting advertising.  She doesn't try and get you to wear a tight white dress on your heaviest day, daring the product not to do its job.  She doesn't expect you to lay in a field of tall grass, smiling adoringly at your man, while you're cramping up and PMSing.

I adore the glamour packaging - no hiding this underneath the rest of the shopping at the checkout

Miss De Jour hit supermarket shelves this month, and they were kind enough to offer up a sample of the little gems for me to test drive...on the proviso I didn't return them after the test drive.

Being relatively new to the product review side of blogging, I wasn't entirely sure how I could write a decent and factual review, while working with my inherently sarcastic sense of humour.  Imagine my joy when my sample arrived in a nondescript brown paper bag like package.  Oh the discretion!  I was in love before I even opened it up!


They come in a discreet zip lock bag (2 bags per box).  It's not sickeningly girly and floral and over the top.  It's chic.  And - I never thought I'd say this about a tampon - but these tampons actually look classy.  Miss De Jour has made tampons just that little bit glamorous.

You don't mind popping these in your bag, and you don't panic if they fall out of your bag in front of people.  Which happens to me a lot more than you'd think.


To the ickiness of the whole thing...I have heavy days, I have light days.  Miss De Jour come in Regular and Super.  They also have a handy multi pack of 10 Regular and 8 Super.  I used to have to mix my own.  Now I'm a pre-mix girl, thanks to Miss De Jour. 

Want to know more?

Through the Miss De Jour website, Katrina Allen goes that extra mile - in a way that only a woman would think to, or put the effort into doing - with tips and advice on women's health issues.

She's also generous.  Head to the website to request your own sample.

There's also a Facebook page.  Part fashion, part beauty, part forum - check it out.

The big finale

So, here's the thing.  I am now collecting the zip lock bags, because they are compact, cute, and a little bit fancy.  The product is great.  It saw me through the best and worst days of my cycle.  It's the zip lock bags that have got me hooked.  They are discreet enough to pop in your desk at work, in your handbag, in your boyfriend's bathroom cupboard (shhh...don't tell him...).

At the end of the day, I'm all for supporting an Australian business woman.  Especially when she's taken the condescending tone out of tampon products and advertising.  Because we're not all 16-18 year old giggly girls.  The majority of us just want a sanitary, reliable product that does the job.

If anyone gets to profit out of tampons and periods, please, let it be a woman.


  1. *Huge round of applause*
    I was wondering how on earth you were going to tackle this review (tastefully!) But you did it!!! Fantstic job!
    I will pick some up on my next shopping visit ~ just for the cute zip-lock bag!

  2. Thank you so much - would take a bow, but not entirely sure I'd be able to get back up again. It's been a while since I did anything that may resemble a stomach crunch. You were my inspiration for the references to the dodgy tampon ads aimed at tween's, after our FB discussion!


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